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New England Beauty & Wellness

Refresh ~ Renew


Our facials are tailored to the clients needs. Treatment Based for those who want something more Clinical or a Zen Facial for those who want to relax, regroup and also enjoy massage. 

Back a mess? Enjoy a signature back facial with extractions if needed. 


What better way to relax! Massage is always a favorite. Relax, Refresh & Renew. Massage should be about maintaining wellness and not just spoiling yourself

Body Treatments

Feeling Dry and Gritty? Try a full body scrub to slough off all the dead skin followed by hydrating Lotion. Feeling bloated and in need of losing inches fast? Try a body Wrap! Full Body Scrub Followed by Masking and Wrapping, allowing you to sweat it out! Skin Lighting for the dark areas that are bothering you. Feel more confident with an even skin tone.
Beauty& cosmetics 2 final

Hair Removal

Full Body Waxing for Male or Female.


COMING SOON* Body Sugaring & Threading. 

Brow & Lash Services

Brow & Lash Tinting

Brow Lamination / Lash Lifting Services

24 -Body- (Outline)

Spray Tanning

Contour your body with Spray Tanning! Special event? Enjoy a bronzing with Aviva Labs Organics Sunless Tanning Solutions. 

Breast Thermography

Pain Free

Radiation Free

Compression Free

Hand & Foot Treatments

Often the two most important parts of our body are abused daily, never given any type of attention or if so normally the bare minimum. Take time to revive your Hands & Feet with Reflexology, Hand & Foot Treatments

Basic Makeup Applications

Makeup not your thing? Learn how to properly apply makeup or sit back and be beautified. 

Make-up & Workshops Coming Soon!

Health Coaching

Coming Soon!

Reiki & Guided Meditation

Open your mind and take a Journey with guided meditation. Let go of stress and let imagination take flight. 

Add healing Gemstones to a Reiki session and experience powerful energy flow through the Chakras and clear blocked energy. 


Mineral Makeup & a Rainbow of other Beauty, Face and Body products. Crystals & Other purification items available.

At New England Beauty & Wellness you will be able to find Gift sets and some of the latest trends.

Looking for something in particular? We special order! 


Workshops with professionals in the Beauty & Wellness industry.