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Hydrating Mist

Facial mists hydrate and moisturize the skin.

 Often calming ingredients are in these products.

Great for setting your facial powder or just to give your face a hydration boost. 

These mists will also help the products your follow with penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis and help you use less serum and moisturizer.  

How to use: Hold 6-10 inches away from the face and spray 3-5 pumps or spray into hand and apply to face, neck and chest.

Hydrating mists are great to use inconjunction with toners, depending on your skin type sometimes it is best to stick solely with a hydrating mist. 


Toners are made to shrink the pores and balance the skin back to its natural pH.

 Witch hazel being the main ingredient, is excellent for reducing inflammation but can cause drying and eventually lead to inflammation if not followed with a hydrating mist or serum after using this product. 

Toners are great for people who have oily or acne skin. 

How to use: Saturate cotton pad with the toner.

Gently go over the entire face to remove dirt that can sometimes be left over after your cleanse. 

You can use a hydrating mist in conjunction after toning if you choose to incorporate a toner.