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Facial Treatments

A Facial is a skin care treatment which includes steam, exfoliation, extraction, massage, facial masks and a finishing moisturizer.

Facials are for general skin health as well as for specific skin conditions.

In this treatment a Skin Specialist will let you know what products will work best for you as 90% of Skin Health comes from an at home routine

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45 Min Custom Facial

Cleanse, Professional Exfoliation, Masque & Moisturize


60 Min Custom Facial

Cleanse, Professional Exfoliation, Extractions or Massage, Masque & Moisturize


90 Min Custom Facial

Cleanse, Professional Exfoliation, Extractions, Massage, Masque & Moisturize.


Advanced Facial

Also Know as Chemical Peel.

After Care Kit Included


Ultrasonic Facial

60 Min Facial. Safe non-invasive ultrasonic technology for wrinkles, acne, rosacea & pigmentation.


Teenage Facial

60 min facial including extractions if needed.

 Learn what you skin type is & how to properly take care if it.


Microdermabrasion Facial



30 Minute service.

Cleanse, Dermaplane & Moisturize


Dermaplaning Add-on

Add-on to your current Facial


Aromatherapy Facial

Ground Herbs & Essential Oils. 60 Minutes


CBD Facial

60 Min Facial

Everything CBD Infused


Gold Facial

120 Minute Facial Incorporating Everything Gold Includes Gua Sha.


Contour Facial

60 Min Facial with Extractions or Massage 

Firms & Contours while increasing circulation. Comforts skin and gives a cooling sensation. Soothes the inflamed skin. 

The contour masque will sit on the skin for 20 mins.

In this time you will receive a hand massage!


Paraffin Facial

60 Min Facial

This is a great evening Facial!

PETA Beauty Without Bunnies certified. No petroleum, artificial dyes, or synthetic fragrances. 


Collidal Gold or Silver Add-on

Known for its powerful healing properties

Colloidal has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It reinforces the skin's barrier, while boosting repair and healing. As an antioxidant, colloidal works to protect the skin from damaging pollution particles